Leontien Talboom – Accessing the Intangible – Unlocking our Digital Past

Leontien Talboom (Collaborative Doctoral Student with University College London and The National Archives) spoke at the second Unlocking our Digital Past workshop on 16 September 2021. Leontien’s talk focused on the nature of the digital environment and how that impacts on how people can and expect to access digital archives.

Leontien’s abstract read as: “This talk will outline the initial theoretical framework from a collaborative doctoral project which focusses on the constraints that digital preservation practitioners face when making born-digital material accessible. The framework has been created with the help of semi- structured interviews with digital preservation practitioners and an extensive literature review. Topics that will be discussed focus on the digital environment where this material is made available in, the processable nature of digital material and the changing expectations of users when accessing this material.”

You can view Leontien’s presentation below:

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